The Story of Aslan, the heart warrior

Aslan, is a 4-year-old boy with several congenital heart defects with uniquely complex anatomy. Since he doesn’t have a spleen, it increases risk of infections post-surgery. The only treatment which can help him lead a normal life is a surgery called ‘bi ventricle repair’, which is only performed at Boston Children’s Hospital, USA. They specialize in such delicate and complex cardiac cases. Any other procedure or approach would harm his physiology by adding misery to his life. Aslan needs 227.403 USD for his surgery. Aliza Zara Legacy helped Aslan in 2021 by giving exposure to his story and we raised funds for his operation. Aslan’s story has reached many around the globe. To follow his journey go visit his Facebook and Instagram page: Aslan the heart warrior. Aliza Zara Legacy is following Aslan with every step towards healing. 

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