Water wells in Pakistan (large)

Aliza Zara Legacy supports the build of multiple water wells in elevated mountainous areasin Pakistan’s Punjab region and remote areas of Sindh.
Large water wells are for entire communities and for schools. A small water well serves up to 5 families. We want to provide water wells where they are needed most.
When we give water, we give life. Not only does a well stop the spread of all kinds of disease, it also gives children the opportunity to attend school and it allows women to take care of their families or to go to work.

A water well in Pakistan is relatively cheap, because we work with local foundations who have their own drill. We therefore only pay for materials, transportation and labour. Each project provides several local people with temporary work for weeks. It takes about 14-16 weeks to build a Large well in Pakistan. The life of a water well is very long, it does not need high maintenance. The community is grateful for clean water, therefore they take good care of their wells.

Zakaat is not accepted for our Water Projects.

You will have a personalised engraved marble plate on your water well. The donor receives pictures of the waterwell, district and village is metioned on your plate.
Implementaton can take up to 14-16 weeks.

If you need some more information about these wells you can send us an email with your questions.

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