Community wells in Uganda

With clean water sources often miles away from villages, many able-bodied members of a community are forced to spend precious hours each day just to find and carry clean water home. A jerrycan, the typical container used for water collection in Africa weighs over 40 pounds when it’s completely full. Can you imagine the incredible burden to carry this kind of weight for many miles every day?

A lack of (clean) water is often an insurmountable obstacle to everyday life in desolate communities. Without local access to clean water, you can’t grow food, you can’t stay healthy, you can’t attend school and you can’t keep working.

Aliza Zara Legacy wants to help. Therefore, we are raising funds for community wells in Uganda. These wells will make a huge difference to multiple local communities. It will stop diseases that come from the use of muddy, stagnant and dirty water. 

We team up with local, reliable and dedicated organizations to implement these water wells.
It will take a month to complete one water well. The well will have a personalised engraved nameplate of Aliza Zara Legacy. 

So far, we have placed an electric water well for an orphanage in Uganda, which serves 150 orphans and many local communities and a communty well in Bushama Village. `

A community well in Uganda costs 1.000 euro. If you are interested in donating one, contact us through

Zakaat is not accepted for community waterwells.

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