The story of Ali Sher

Ali Sher was in 2020 a 3,5-year-old boy, who had a heart valve disorder and narrowing heart vessels. Due to this disorder, he had very low oxygen levels. The doctors told his parents that he needed an open-heart surgery immediately or he would lose his life. Ali Sher’s relatives reached out to us in February 2020 through a direct message on our Facebook page. 

A team member went to visit Ali Sher in Sarai-Alamgir in Pakistan and found out that he was in a critical life-threatening situation. Aliza Zara legacy received a video of Ali Sher and his parents along with his medical file. This file was discussed within our team. We had to do something for Ali Sher. The doctors were hopeful about his chances after this surgery. We got in contact with the Military Hospital (MH) in Rawalpindi and transferred the entire amount of his operation. 

In March 2020 Ali Sher was successfully operated, he stayed in hospital for a month. Ali Sher is doing fine now and he is going to school with his older sisters.

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